What is Training

Training is an organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.

As training providers, the benefits and ROI of training the workforce is obvious to us, but it is not quite so clear to many individuals and organisations.

Training Services:

• Training of clients’ staff, specific to all frameworks designed.

• Facilitating training for certification and/or accreditation purposes.

The benefits of upskilling for an organisation?

• It helps you meet your obligations as an employer

• Employees will be able to better meet expectations of clients and stakeholders

• You will be able to satisfy larger bid requirements if you have more qualified staff

• Staff retention rates will increase

• A larger knowledge base

• The greater understanding of business context is critical in making projects more profitable and ultimately making the organisation more successful

• Staff will be able to more effectively apply knowledge to their workplace

The importance of Individuals upskilling and why training needs to be considered:

• Upskilling will help you remain employable

• Roles are change constantly and skills should be kept up to date

• It is important to boost your qualifications

• Helps with career progression and promotion as you are investing in yourself

• Makes you more competitive in your industry

• Makes you more valuable to your company and therefore providing better job security

• Increases your professional value and expand your capabilities

Are there areas of your work – which you feel less confident about?
Look at training on that area to improve your success. Increase your own job satisfaction with the knowledge that you’re progressing and learning new things. Ultimately, upskilling and training can lead to greater remuneration and benefits.