To raise the levels of Governance and Compliance in corporate Lesotho to best practice within each unique environment by:

Establishing solid frameworksand policies for good Governance and Compliance.
Monitoring and maintaining Governance and Compliance practices and performance levels.
Continuously identifying areas for improvement in Governance and Compliance.
Facilitating Governance and Compliance improvement in consultation with our clients.
Designing tools to ensure efficient Risk management.
Providing solutions to improve in the overall efficiency of Governance.
Personalised training.
Facilitation of Accredited and /or Certified International training.



- We are trustworthy
- We will protect the confidentiality of all information we are entrusted with.

Quality of Work

- Will be of the highest standard of accuracy and detail.
- Will behave and present ourselves and our work in a professional manner.

Exceptional Service

- Will take ownership of delivering work to the highest standard and meeting deadlines.
- Will take initiative to give proactive advice.

Rewarding Relationships

- Ntataise endeavours to build relationships with all our stakeholders in a transparent, candid, supportive, respectful, knowledge building, active, sustainable and robust manner.